As a parent myself, I understand well how painful it can be for parents to struggle with their child's emotional and behavioral problems. Children are faced with distractions which would have been unimaginable to a previous generation, and families as a whole are more highly stressed. There is less and less time to relax together, and community supports are stretched thin.

Fortunately, the therapy techniques I've employed with children over the past 25 years have proven to be effective and efficient. I've found children much more accepting of help and eager to start working to gain control over their problems.

Working with children is especially satisfying because fixing a problem early in life helps prevent the emergence of much more serious and difficult to deal with problems later. I also enjoy working with the child's parents and teachers as well as with other health care and educational professionals who often have a role in helping the child overcome problems.

I've had especially good results helping children deal with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and peer relationship problems, often within a few months. I engage the child, and family if necessary, in a structured approach targeting the problem areas. For example, if there are peer relationship problems, I engage the child in a conversation about friends, including how to deal with conflict, and alternative solutions. I help the child generate strategies, and develop positive attitudes about success, and then we may role play interactions using puppets or playacting ourselves.

Please contact me at 617-277-4300 or by using the "ask a question" form on my web site to begin a discussion of how we can work together to help your child.

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