I have been treating ADHD with behavioral methods for over 20 years, and I am very comfortable collaborating with pediatricians, psychiatrists, and educators. Here is how I approach the issue of helping a child or adult with variable attention, concentration or overactivity. First I need to determine whether problems with learning, working or relationships are due to ADHD or to another medical or psychological problem, a learning problem, or to environmental problems like family issues. This process involves several interviews with the individual, with parents if a child, and collecting information from others, who know the person well, like teachers, spouses, or colleagues. Once I make the diagnosis, we plan treatment collaboratively.

Many are concerned about the side effects of medication, and some individuals can improve once they learn how to focus and structure their work, and/or receive support. Others find that medication is a crucial part of a treatment plan. Whether or not medication is used, I can help organize behavioral or educational resources, and help parents make appropriate decisions. Since trying medication is a major decision, itís often good to try other strategies to make sure that medication is really needed before taking that step.

My approach to helping children with ADHD always involves their parents, who need to learn about the disorder, specific parenting skills, and how to work with teachers, doctors, and tutors. Older children and adults also benefit from learning about how to manage their tasks, how to organize and follow through, and also how to work with specialists.

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